Blackwing Pencils - Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed

Blackwing Pencil 602

Blackwing Pencil 602

The handsome gunmetal exterior and pink eraser ferrule mark Blackwing pencils as special but it’s the performance that has established the brand as an icon. If this pencil were a racecar it’d be a Ferrari. What it has under the hood is a graphite so silky it glides over paper with a minimum of resistance. Hence the motto half the pressure, twice the speed.


The Blackwing brand was revived in 2010 by CalCedar a company involved in pencil manufacture since 1917. It takes its role as midwife to the muse seriously, issuing a limited edition pencil each year that pays tribute to writers, artists and thinkers. If reaching for the Ada Lovelace helps with your algorithms then their work is done.


Elizabeth Turk - Finding Inspiration in Rembrandt

Turk collar 1.png

Sculptor Elizabeth Turk works in stone but her works are the opposite of heavy or monolithic. Marble in her hands seems fluid and almost weightless.

Her Collars series is inspired by Rembrandt’s portraits of sitters wearing elaborate ruffs and lace collars. The fine lace and folded linens take on the permanence of marble. The carved pieces becoming elaborate knots and arabesques of alabaster.

In her video about sculpting these works, she talks about the multiple layers of meaning the collars evoke, from historical and social, to ideas of constraint and freedom and their resemblance to bone and skeleton structures.

Turk collars 2.png


You can see Elizabeth Turk demonstrate her process here


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