Sir Roger Deakins?

 I have never met Roger Deakins, the British cinematographer born in the same town as me in Devon, who now lives these days three miles away from me in Santa Monica. I hear he is a quiet man with dazzling hair who eschews all kinds of publicity, so maybe thats not surprising.
But if you look at all the films he has made glow, from Fargo to Skyfall, as visual consultant on Wall-E, Rango and How to Train Your Dragon, isn't it time he was recognised by the British government as a major cultural export?
One Deakins scene to savor: When the veiled and backlit woman turns up at Billy Bob Thornton's door in the otherwise minor Coen movie The Man Who Wasn't There. As a literally-brilliant summation of sunshine and noir in a handful of seconds, this man outdoes even those amazing 1940s camera-crankers...A Gong for Roger please, Prime Minister!!!!!.

John Harlow