Instagram to Users - sorry, but fuck you.

In the debacle about Instagram's announcement that it was to license users' photos without permission (or indeed financial recompense), there are a number of 'worldly' voices berating the users. Yes, you heard me correctly, the users, because Instagram is 'a business'.

This seems to be a stock response from some sectors, for excusing all sorts of egregious practices. As though the making of money somehow made everything excusable. I don't agree, and I run a business myself. The users of Instagram signed up and began to use the service in good faith. That Instagram then decided to radically change the terms of the contract, without discussion, shows not only a huge mis-handling of public relations but also a dismissive arrogance towards its customers that in my opnion rightly earns the opprobrium they're currently experiencing.

The case has wider implications, as society as a whole moves precious images and correspondence to the cloud. How easy it would be to hold hostage the fabric of our online interactions? What if the cloud were compromised in other ways? As I have to repeat to my youngers "You do know that FB and Google are not your friends, don't you?" Tender-hearted as they are they won't finally realize it until they too are betrayed.