Long Flight? Get Creative in the Loo

We've all thought about it. The cabin is dark and all the other passengers are asleep. Bored and staring at the Lavatory unoccupied sign you take a little stroll. Then...

...you run wild with the paper towels, the seat covers, your inflatable pillow, anything that comes to hand, to produce, yes, why not, images of 17th Century Flemish persons. At least that's what you do if your name is Nina Katchadourian. http://ow.ly/fHlTd


I don't know why I find these images so appealing, but I do.

Is it the lighting in the cubicle that gives the photos a patina akin to centuries of aging? Is it the research that simulates the variety and vanity of the head-dresses - all the minutiae of their social significance now reduced to paper constructions, played out in a theater consisting of a metal tube hurtling through the skies?


You may laugh like a drain, but the woman is onto something. My next transatlantic flight will be one of fancy...